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Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is Looking For “Talents in Business“

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria started an information campaign, focused on the most valuable people in all industries, the internal “engines” of the companies, the ones whom we call indispensable on the way to success – the talents.

The motto of the initiative, titled “Talents in Business”, is “Business is Inspiring. People are Inspiration“.

While the companies find it harder and harder to secure financing, and are forced to constantly look for ways to cut expenses, people still require the greatest and unavoidable financial investment. Moreover, an online survey of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria on the occasion of the first anniversary of the channel at the end of 2016, showed that 41% of the participants define “Finding and retaining the right people” as the next big challenge facing business. This is also a recognized and widely discussed trend worldwide.

How to improve effectiveness by managing human capital, how to recognize, develop and retain true talents, how much could an investment in the wrong people cost a business, what are the solutions to the problem with the right staff shortage in different industries, how could people look for their own undiscovered potential and which are the professions of the future? The answers to these and many other questions will be sought in the initiative “Talents in Business” in a series of interviews, videos, analyses, expert advice, reports, infographics, success and failure stories, prognoses on air, and special content for the website bloombergtv.bg as well.

Besides directing the attention to human capital, the initiative “Talents in Business” will also give each company a chance to motivate their most valuable employees by nominating them in the contest „Talent of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria“ on bloombergtv.bg.

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria will share with the viewers the good and bad practices in the companies, as well as the stories of the nominated talents, selected by a jury, comprising the editorial team and the campaign partners.

An important role of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, except to analyze and inform on the most important facts in the world of economics and business, is to be useful – to stimulate entrepreneurship, growth, to inspire people and companies for change and development, regardless of the environment. I hope that the initiative “Talents in Business“ will help the companies in Bulgaria, who have still not realized the power of human capital, to better face the unquestionable challenge to all of us – the shortage of the right people“, commented Victoria Mitkova, Executive Director of Investor Media Group, part of which is Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

Partners of the initiative “Talents in Business” are the Bulgarian Association of People Management, the portal for success stories Uspelite.bg, and Shivachi digital advertising agency.
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