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Investor.BG is acquiring 90% of UFBE

Investor.BG (Investor Media Group) is acquiring 90% of the shares of the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (UFBE), the company declared to Financial Supervision Commission and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

The deal for acquiring 90% of the university was made on June 9, 2017. On the same day a general meeting of the shareholders decided the current members of the Board of Directors – Grigorii Vazov, Detelina Smilkova and Radostin Vazov – to be dismissed. They will be replaced by Natalia Ilieva, Svetlana Furnadzhieva and Victoria Mitkova, who are part of the management team of Investor.BG. Application for changes of main circumstances has been filed to the Commercial Register.

Currently the capital of the company is 3.8 million leva.

Investor.BG owns the national TV and radio broadcaster Bulgaria ON AIR, the business channel Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, more than 15 digital platforms, including the financial information leader investor.bg, the leading news website dnes.bg, the real estate website imoti.net, the leading health website puls.bg, the sports news website gol.bg, the site for automobile news and test drives automedia.bg, the online magazine for the contemporary woman az-jenata.bg, the website for the modern young people tialoto.bg, the career development website rabota.bg, the only online space for teenagers teenproblem.net, the children’s web portal az-deteto.bg, and the print magazines Bulgaria ON AIR The Inflight Magazine, Investor Digest and GO ON AIR The Traveller’s Magazine, distributed on all airplanes of the national carrier Bulgaria Air.

The investment of the media company in UFBE is part of its long-term strategy to develop and support the quality education in Bulgaria.

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