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Bloomberg TV Bulgaria Is with the Greatest Contribution to the Promotion of the Stock Market in Bulgaria


The business channel Bloomberg TV Bulgaria received a prestigious award at a ceremony of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange today, where the best financial brokerage companies are traditionally singled out for the 16th consecutive year.

The prize of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is for the media with the greatest contribution to the promotion of capital markets in 2016. The recognition comes only a year after the launch of the business channel, part of Investor Media Group, on air. Bloomberg TV Bulgaria delivers fast, in-depth and trustworthy information about the economic and financial processes and events in Bulgaria and worldwide, and explores their impact on the lives of Bulgarians. The channel is useful to the wider business community in Bulgaria, including young people, future entrepreneurs and all who perpetually strive for success. Bloomberg TV Bulgaria presents the important news and topics from the fields of economics, business and markets in a dynamic and accessible way, in an everyday live broadcast from London, New York and Hong Kong with the journalists from Bloomberg.


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